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How to Eat Moringa Powder Recipes

‚ÄčEver wonder how to eat Moringa Powder? While you use Moringa powder in food, to maintain 100% nutrition add the powder in the last few minutes of cooking to limit the exposure of heat. Try eating Moringa powder the following ways:

  • Smoothies: If you love smoothies as much as we do, adding Moringa powder to your diet will be easy. Simply add the desired amount of Moringa to your smoothie each day and enjoy. Initial practices add very less and gradually increase the amount of Moringa powder. This Moringa goes with strong fruit flavor smoothies like Mango, Strawberry etc.
  • Moringa Soup: Start to experiment when preparing different soups. First dissolve in 50 ml of water, add this Moringa concentrated water after switching off heating the soup mix. Moringa goes with chicken, corn, mushroom soup etc.
  • Moringa + Water: I see a number of people who mix 1/2 tsp of Moringa powder into an 8 oz or more of water. Be sure to use a water bottle that you can shake vigorously before drinking. The powder tends to settle pretty quickly so regular shaking before taking a drink is needed. Also first mix with 25/50 ml of water, then add more water with the concentrated Moringa liquid.
  • Moringa, lemon, honey, mint leaves, ginger, and ice blend: For a fresh, potent, and incredibly nutritious drink, mix as many of the above ingredients as you have in a blender and add plenty of water. How much powder you can handle vs. how much honey you need to sweeten the drink will really be a matter of personal preference. Experiment with the ratio but know these ingredients all play nice together. To add some more flavor, swap out the water for coconut milk/water, now that is a wonderfully refreshing drink.
  • Moringa-butter: You can mix Moringa powder into the peanut butter. Since peanut butter has such a strong flavor it get along well. I add up to 1 Tbsp in my peanut butter. It takes some practice being able to mix the powder into the peanut butter; but once you do it a few times, you’ll never want to eat plain peanut butter again. The term “Moringa-butter” was coined by my girls who regularly talk about “Moringa-butter” and enjoy it with me. This is a great way to start the day!

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